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How serendipitous that just last week I was looking for the latest edition of Fascia: In Sport and Movement. This nicely bound compilation of articles, edited by Robert Schliep, PhD— noted fascia researcher from Ulm University in Germany— offers tremendous insight from many perspectives on the significance of the body tissue that had once been summarily cut away and discarded by anatomists and physicians. I wanted to add this text to my library and was hoping to find a good price on the latest edition from amazon.com. Rats!— sold out. So I visited Schliep’s website. Bingo! As well, I discovered his Fascia in Movement & Sport seminar was being hosted by Michelle Bond of Fascia Fundamentals right here in Los Angeles. Rather than buying the book right then I enrolled in the workshop. And what a fascia-nating workshop it was.

Dr. Robert Schliep leading the Fascia in Movement & Sport seminar, February 9 & 10, 2019.

Schliep detailed:

  • Biotensegrity
  • Fascia as a sensory organ
  • Elastic recoil properties and conditioning of fascial tissues in jumping, running and walking
  • How “Rolfing” for rats prevented receptive stress injury and “Yin yoga” (a long hold posture) for rats reduced cancerous tumor proliferation by 52%
  • Embryology of fascia (Michelle Bond)

What’s more, I had the great fortune of personally asking Robert Schliep (far too many) questions, sharing ideas with some of the six-dozen physicians, physical therapists, body workers and fitness trainers in attendance, doing several fascial-oriented exercises with the class and meeting Michelle Bond— a local, up and coming a-fascia-nado, herself. We all received the Fascial Fitness (companion) DVD, the slide presentation from the seminar, a thumb drive with additional fascia-related research articles and sources for continuing inquiry.

I bought the book, too. At a discount. And, signed by Dr. Schliep.