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glossary | shoulder girdle

To get a feel for shoulder girdle movement.

• round your shoulders to Protract your shoulder girdle (avoid this position when standing, sitting and especially when doing most exercises). OK, relax your shoulders. Now…

• shrug your shoulders to Elevate your shoulder girdle. Avoid shrugging when doing curls, lat pulls, lateral raises, and any movement where your target is not your upper trapezius. Relax your shoulders.

• Pinch your shoulder blades together to Retract your shoulder girdle (hold this position); and…

• pull your shoulders down as far as possible to Depress your shoulder girdle. These last two movements are one of the components of good posture, and are often described in your Sport Fit Cards as lifting your chest, or keeping your chest high.

By assuming this retracted / depressed shoulder girdle position you are able to stabilize your shoulder girdle so that you can effectively isolate and train muscles that act on your shoulder joint--you chest, your lats, and your delts. Remember, precise training is what brings about the greatest physical improvements for your time and efforts.
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