Tonight’s Yin yoga class at the Yoga NoHo Center is celebrating the 11th Moon— the Winter Moon— which is near the darkest (shortest) day of the year, the Winter Solstice. It is very Yin. Can you say even longer, long-hold postures? Yeah, I thought you could.

Trigram: Earth

This trigram consisting of three broken lines represents Earth (kun or k’un) and is considered Yin, dark & cold. It’s the symbol of the female principle in the ancient Chinese tradition.

Here’s the series—

  • Seiza— shins on floor, sitting on heels: 5′
  • Caterpillar— seated forward fold over outstretched legs: 10′
  • Gambling— deep squat: 10′
  • Square R— seated forward fold over crossed legs, right in front: 10′
  • Square L— seated forward fold over crossed legs, left in front: 10′
  • Twisted Root R— lying side twist with right arm outstretched on diagonal: 5′
  • Twisted Root L— lying side twist with left arm outstretched on diagonal: 5′
  • Saddle— kneeling back bend: 10′
  • Pentacle— lying supine, palms up, tip of index finger resting on thumbnail: 8′
  • Seiza— shins on floor, sitting on heels: 2′

Here’s the soundtrack—

Tibetan Flute Music + Om Chanting | Meditative Mind

Here’s a meditation on the Winter Moon—

Bamboo Grove
Sit alone, hidden in bamboo.
Pluck the qin and whoop with joy.
Forest so deep no one knows it:
the bright moon comes to shine on me.

— Wang Wei (699-759)

Last week, right before joining my Friday Night Yin… Yoga for Athletes class, one of the two Yoga NoHo Center owners said, “Hey, your class received a nice review on Class Pass.” I said, “Very happy to hear that,” and went about leading the 75′ long-hold, deep stretch workout, as usual.

Then, following a rain-soaked motorcycle ride home, a quick bachelor’s feast of canned tuna, pasta & salad, and the requisite close-of-day check of text, email & voice messages, curiosity got the better of me.

I searched Class Pass for the Yoga Noho Center in North Hollywood, clicked on “Reviews” and one recent comment for Yin Yoga (Deep Stretch) with Christopher popped right up:

This is one of, if not the best, yin classes in the valley


Whoever you are, I’m very happy to hear that you’re enjoying my classes! Thank you for your participation and your review. Maybe see you in this evening’s Monday Night Yin…


Yet another Halloween mix. Third time’s a charm, er… hex… to workout like the devil.

    I Put A Spell On You— RHODES | ~ 156 bpm. Flat road. Sit.
    Evil Ways— Santana | ~ 66 bpm. Hill. Jump • Surge.
    Devil In Me— Halsey | ~ 114 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand.
    The Devil You Know— X Ambassadors | ~ 108 bpm. Flat Road. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Sympathy For The Devil— Rolling Stones, Full Phatt | ~ 66 bpm. Hill. Sit • Jump.
    The Devil Went Down To Georgia— Charlie Daniels Band | ~ 150 bpm. Flat Road. Sit • Surge.
    Friend Of The Devil— Grateful Dead | ~ 108 bpm. Flat road. Jump.
    Runnin’ With The Devil— Van Halen | ~ 54 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand • Surge.
    Highway To Hell— AC/DC | ~ 60 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    Hells Bells— AC/DC | ~ 108 bpm. Hill. Sit • Surge • Stand.
    Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be— AC/DC | ~ 72 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Tubular Bells— Mike Oldfield | ~ 138 bpm. Flat road. Sit.

~ 0:45:00

So mote be it.


This evening my girlfriend’s postprandial attire includes a Depeche Mode t-shirt commemorating the group’s four sold out shows at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month. That reminds me to post this class playlist celebrating their final night, post hoc, posthaste.

    Cover Me— Ben Pearce Remix | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Sit.
    Love In Itself | ~ 108 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    Personal Jesus— Alex Metric Remix Edit | ~ 144 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Policy Of Truth | ~ 114 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Enjoy The Silence— Reinterpreted | ~ 114 bpm. Hill. Sit • Surge.
    Everything Counts | ~ 120 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Strangelove | ~ 126 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Master And Servant | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Jump.
    Martyr— Paul Van Dyk Radio Mix | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Just Can’t Get Enough | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Jump.
    Route 66 | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Sit.

~ 0:46:00.



One good fright deserves another, no?

    Thriller— Michael Jackson | ~ 126 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand.
    Bad Moon Rising— Leatherwolf | ~ 204 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Bark At The Moon— Ozzy Osbourne | ~ 148 bpm. Hill. Stand • Surge.
    Werewolves Of London— Warren Zevon | ~ 102 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Frankenstein— Edgar Winter Group | ~ 94 bpm. Hill. Stand • Sit.
    The Monster— Eminem, Rihanna | ~ 110 bpm. Hill. Stand • Jump.
    Monster Mash— Misfits, John Cafiero | ~ 200 bpm. Flat road. Surge.
    Black Cat— Janet Jackson | ~ 116 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    I Ain’t Superstitious— Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart | ~ 108 bpm. Hill. Jump.
    Superstition— Stevie Wonder | ~ 100 bpm. Hill. Stand.
    Dark Lady— Cher | ~ 74 bpm. Hill. Sit • Surge.
    Spooky— Dusty Springfield | ~ 106 bpm. Flat road. Sit.

~ 0:45:00.