January 2017 It’s under 60°. In Los Angeles that’s, um… cold. I’m under the weather, which is unusual. More unusual is that I’ve been fighting this malaise for over three weeks. Flu? Winter blues? Cracked header on Jeep leaking CO into cab? Dunno. What is certain is I’d like to feel better. My friend Nancy, a physician, […]

How’s That? As astounding a run as it is in the 2016 Olympic 400m men’s final, Wayde van Niekerk leaves even greater speed untapped. How’s that? Notice that in these video stills he doesn’t begin falling until about 13° past the vertical! He ultimately reaches about 30° of Fall which clearly is sufficient for setting a World Record of […]

Reaction to Tragedy Ultimately, it’s impossible to engage in a rational discussion with those who would reactively scapegoat guns and gun owners. Their mental state is not dissimilar to Elliot Rodger‘s who, because of an overwhelm of emotion, went on an indiscriminate killing rampage. “Why did Chris die?” Richard Martinez said at a press conference. […]

Brentwood, CA. 2008. One morning a physician leaves his home in Mandeville Canyon, just as usual. At the same time, a dedicated group of bicyclists is completing their weekly ride which snakes past his house. They know each other already. They’ll get to know each other better. Or worse. The riders’ gradual hill climb is […]

“Danger to Self and Others.” When I hear this legal phrase applied willy-nilly to firearms ownership I think of those seeking to deprive citizens of their natural human right to self defense and how those crowing loudest about traumatized vets or others with general lifestyle troubles might just fail their own psychological litmus test. Not […]