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Sadly, Tom Petty passed this week. Classes tonight are in tribute.

    You Got Lucky | ~ 114 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand • Surge.
    Change Of Heart | ~ 122 bpm. Hill. Stand • Surge.
    A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) | ~ 64 bpm. Hill. Stand • Sit • Jump.
    What Are You Doin’ In My Life? | ~ 156 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge • Stand.
    Jammin’ Me | ~ 62 bpm. Hill. Stand • Jump.
    The Waiting | ~ 120 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Turn This Car Around | ~ 72 bpm. Hill. Sit • Surge.
    Here Comes My Girl | ~ 104 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand.
    Nightwatchman | ~ 90 bpm. Hill. Sit • Surge.
    Restless | ~ 102 bpm. Hill. Jump.
    Century City | ~ 150 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand • Surge.
    Refugee | ~ 116 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    You Don’t Know How It Feels | ~ 72 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.

~ 0:50:00.

Rest in peace, Tom.


The Summer of 2017 is officially over. In fond remembrance…

    Last Day Of Summer— Ariams, Adrian Z. | ~ 132 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Summer Heat— Solidisco | ~ 120 bpm. Flat Road. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Summer Love— Justin Timberlake | ~ 54 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Cool For The Summer— Demi Lovato | ~ 60 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand • Surge.
    I Know What You Did Last Summer— Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabella | ~ 120 bpm.
    Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Bring Back The Summer— Rain Man, OLY, Boehm | ~ 102 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Summertime Girls— Baha Men | ~ 48 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Summerboy— Lady Gaga | ~ 54 bpm. Hill. Stand • Sit • Surge.
    All Summer Long— Kid Rock | ~ 108 bpm. Flat road. Jump.
    Summer Ashes— Kevin Drew, Taryn Manning | ~ 72 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    Summer’s Not Hot— Selena Gomez & The Scene | ~ 156 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Summertime— The Mowglis | ~ 102 bpm. Flat road. Sit.

~ 0:46:00.



Happily, Tom Petty is playing the Hollywood Bowl this week, so…

    Don’t Do Me Like That | ~ 114 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand • Surge.
    Into The Great Wide Open | ~ 84 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    Free Falling | ~ 84 bpm. Hill. Seated • Standing.
    Runnin’ Down A Dream | ~ 90 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Listen To Her Heart | ~ 126 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Stand.
    Learning To Fly | ~ 66 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Mary Jane’s Last Dance | ~ 48 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    American Girl | ~ 120 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    Even The Losers | ~ 132 bpm. | Flat road. Sit • Stand • Jump.
    Don’t Come Around Here No More | ~ 84 bpm. Hill. Sit.
    Breakdown | ~ 60 bpm. Hill. Sit • Stand.
    I Need To Know | ~ 84 bpm. Flat road. Sit • Surge.
    I Won’t Back Down | ~ 120 bpm. Flat road. Sit.

~ 0:47:00.

Rock on, Tom!


January 2017

It’s under 60°. In Los Angeles that’s, um… cold. I’m under the weather, which is unusual. More unusual is that I’ve been fighting this malaise for over three weeks. Flu? Winter blues? Cracked header on Jeep leaking CO into cab? Dunno.

What is certain is I’d like to feel better. My friend Nancy, a physician, recommends strong medication. Stat! She’s means, “Dude, whip up your awesome chicken soup— A Bowl of Seasonal Warmth would be great right now. “Yeah, maybe.” I say, “But I’m not all that hungry. I’m thinking more along the lines of a hot toddy made with Hibiki whisky.” She says, “Dude, you don’t have to eat it, just make it.” (Meaning she’ll eat it.) Nice.

I head to Whole Foods to fill the Rx.


  • Two bunches of celery.
  • Eight multi-colored carrots.
  • One big yellow onion.
  • Five yellow potatoes.
  • One bulb of garlic.
  • One leek.
  • Himalayan pink salt.
  • Black pepper.
  • Bragg organic “Sprinkle” herbs and spices seasoning.
  • Organic, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Five chicken legs, separated into thighs / drumsticks.
  • About three quarts of spring water.

Thirty minutes and forty-five dollars later I’m at home, and the prep begins.


  • One big pot— I use an 8q Calphalon pasta pot.
  • 10” Skillet— I use a 100 year-old cast iron skillet.
  • 8″ Chef’s knife.
  • Serving spoon.


My process is simple. Chop celery and carrots into 1/2” pieces. Cut onion and potatoes into quarters, then halve the quarters. Peel garlic and slice each clove in half.

Sauté celery, carrots, onion and garlic in skillet, one at a time, with olive oil and Bragg seasoning. (Five minutes, or so.)

Stand leek on end in big pot, add potatoes, chicken, and sautéed veggies. Add water to cover contents, and salt and pepper to taste— for me that’s 3 tbsp of salt and 1 tbsp of pepper.

Fire up burner and bring to boil, then reduce heat to simmer. Stir carefully, put lid on (it won’t cover pot completely because of the leek), and every so often stir again. Cook until potatoes are soft, maybe an hour-and-fifteen minutes. And then, soup’s on!


Chicken Soup Rx

Chicken Soup— Just What the Doctor Ordered!


A taste from the pot is promising. First bowl— mmmmm!— perhaps the best I’ve made. Second bowl, just as good. And, if some is good, more is better! Third bowl— don’t know that I’m well yet, but I am feeling better. Hey Nancy, your prescription is right on!

But, with half the batch gone already, you better drop by soon.

How’s That?

As astounding a run as it is in the 2016 Olympic 400m men’s final, Wayde van Niekerk leaves even greater speed untapped. How’s that? Notice that in these video stills he doesn’t begin falling until about 13° past the vertical! He ultimately reaches about 30° of Fall which clearly is sufficient for setting a World Record of 43.03″, but what if he begins falling at 0°? Like previous WR holder, Michael Johnson, and his mentor Usain Bolt.

van Niekerk at Vertical Moment

Wayde van Niekerk hits the Vertical Moment of his running stride.

van Niekerk at Pose Position

Here, van Niekerk reaches the Running Pose at about 13° from the vertical.

van Niekerk at end of Fall

Then, at about 30° from vertical, van Niekerk reaches the end of his Range of Fall. 



By the way, there is a reason for this, and it can be seen in this video still. By leaving the previous support behind (his right foot, in this case) after his bodyweight passes over it, van Niekerk is forced to coast past the ideal midpoint of the running stride stride— the Vertical Moment— before he’s able to start falling again.

van Niekerk Flight Phase

Late recovery of support leg prevents reaching Running Pose “on time.”


Not Harder, Smarter!

Wayde van Niekerk has the talent— that is, exceptional neural, metabolic and psychological capacity— to continue developing as a runner, and it’s inspiring to anticipate his realizing even grander achievements in the coming years. I suspect more records will be set as he further refines his skills, maybe harnessing those unused 13°. And why wouldn’t he? Since it’s said that we’re either striving to move forward or allowing ourselves to drop behind, and, since van Niekerk set a new WR from lane 8, effectively racing against himself, it’s really a foregone conclusion. That’s what he does. You see, genetic potential is quickly reached— we compete against our physiological peers— but skill can always be improved. Greatly, in fact, and at any age. And, while not the only factor in racing, skill is a primary factor. While no one needs to work harder per se to acquire new / refine current skills, they must work smarter. That begins with knowing precisely what to train.

You can learn more about how you can apply the skills of Pose, Fall, Pull to your own running success, right now. Start here:  Correct Running Form.