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It’s been said there’s a right way, a wrong way, and the Army’s way. Growing up a military brat I sat ringside to this truism. Today, while there’s not been wholesale change, at least fitness-wise someone’s been doing something.

Dollars & Sense

Spearheaded by Majors Charles Blake and David Feltwell, both physical therapists, Pose Method founder, Nicholas Romanov and his son, Severin, Pose Method is now being incorporated into the United States Army’s physical readiness training (PRT) routine because it’s standardized, thus easily taught and learned, and because Pose Method prevents injuries.

That last part’s a big deal because, ironically, soldiers suffer a far greater prevalence of injury from running than from battle! Since such consistent damage to government property at once reduces the fighting force and costs many millions of dollars annually, any viable solution should get the attention of the top brass. And, it did.

Long story short, the right way would become the Army way.

The plethora of Pose Method drills recently introduced into the Army’s Fitness Manual (see Military Running) allows you to learn for yourself exactly how the health, fitness, and performance of Army troops is now being improved– and medical expenses averted– step by step. For greater context, just search on this site for “running” and read more.