One comment on “Barefoot— No Further Research Is Needed

  1. I think we also need more research on whether or not smoking attributes to lung cancer. I’m not convinced. Let me introduce myself. I am Jeff and I own a running shoe store. Yes, I said shoe store.

    I can tell that the only reason I can not overly endorse actual barefoot running is if I did and someone were to cut themselves on something I would be in a bit of trouble. But, that is the only reason. Obviously there are people who have major foot deformities that perhaps should not be barefoot unless they have to be. that is not the norm though.

    Forget the research and give me practice, practical and personal experience. Barefoot running when done correctly is safe and beneficial for most people that I have come to meet. Yes, you have to be a bit more aware of where your stepping. Yes, you might need to slow down your pace for a while tell you get the skill down. Yes, you may decide you don’t want to feel every possible little rock under your foot.

    I decided I did not like feeling every little rock under my foot. So, I got what is called a “barefoot” shoe (no shoe is barefoot), but you know they have to call it something.

    What we need is more people welling to try barefoot running (even if its in a barefoot shoe) so we can have more people provide us with real life research that it works!

    Running shouldn’t be in a lab anyway.

    Thank you
    Jeff R
    Runnergy/Trinetic Sports Training

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